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Eat Your Greens is an authentic brand based in Cape Town, South Africa. With roots in a sustainable new era of fashion and versatility. We are inspired by our natural world. With focus on comfort and lifestyle, we hope you can find your piece of magic in our range of clothing.

In the heart of Cape Town, a brand emerged in 2020 that would weave the tapestry of South African culture, the untamed bush, and the beauty of our natural world into clothing. This is the story of "Eat Your Greens." Our roots dig deep into the South African lifestyle, and we're on a mission to share that essence with the world.

We've crafted sustainable fashion inspired by the magic of our land. At "Eat Your Greens," we cherish comfort and lifestyle, and we're delighted to offer you a range of clothing that resonates with the soul of South Africa.

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In a world where fast fashion rules, we've chosen a different path. We stand for slow fashion, for unique handmade pieces that tell a story of craftsmanship.

Our clothing is made with noble materials and an eye for the tiniest of details. But it doesn't end there. We're committed to supporting our local communities, using offcut and local materials to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our name, "Eat Your Greens," is a nod to our shared desire for a greener future. We're all about mindfulness, sustainability, and timeless style.


Woman Skateboarding in Cape Town

Our collection spans from everyday essentials to adaptable pieces suitable for formal occasions or dancing at festivals. From soft, flowing summer fabrics to cozy winter materials, we've got something for every season and every taste.

Our inspiration flows from the bush, the natural environment we call home, and the sun-kissed beaches of South Africa and Mozambique. We're not here to mass-produce; we create small, niche batches of clothing that reflect our values.

Our goal is simple: to create beautiful, sustainable clothing meant to be worn with intention and to stand against the fast fashion frenzy. Join us in celebrating the beauty of South Africa, one garment at a time.


Eat Your Greens Clothing Range - South African Inspiration