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Experience slow fashion redefined: Sustainable, green, and proudly South African.
Discover locally crafted garments for a comfortable and easygoing lifestyle.

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Sustainable commitment

We are dedicated to providing you with sustainable fashion that combines style, comfort, and eco-consciousness. Our commitment to using organic materials, recycling, and ethical practices is unwavering. Every purchase you make contributes to a greener planet.

Nature-inspired design

Our collections draw inspiration from the natural beauty of South Africa, its beaches, the ocean, and the vibrant Cape Town lifestyle. Each piece we create reflects the essence of nature, making our clothing more than just attire; it's a piece of the environment we cherish.

Comfort and quality

We prioritize your comfort, offering easy-to-wear and versatile clothing that suits your lifestyle. From breezy summer linens to cozy winter knits, our garments blend comfort and quality effortlessly. We believe that sustainable fashion should feel good in more ways than one.

Community and purpose

By choosing Eat Your Greens, you're not just buying clothing; you're embracing a community and a lifestyle choice. We are driven to create a positive impact, not only through sustainable fashion but also by supporting local South African communities. Your satisfaction extends beyond the garments and into the heart of conscious living.